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Specimatch searches over 250,000 clinical trials and cancer drugs to precision match your treatment options.

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Specimatch proactively searches the world of cancer care for the latest breakthroughs – all priority matched to your most current genetic and clinical profile.

Continual monitoring

Managing your cancer is a 24/7 commitment, and Specimatch is with you every step of the way. As the first precision cancer care software to continually monitor and match your options for treatment, Specimatch provides personal, ongoing search results.

250,000 +

Most care teams are not equipped to find a needle in a haystack across treatment options. Specimatch extensively reviews over 250K clinical trials, cancer drugs and ground-breaking oncology products to precision match the latest treatment options for you.

Matched from every angle

Every cancer is unique. Looking for treatments through one lens, whether standard of care or genetic profiling, is not enough. Specimatch’s intuitive search engine smartly combines clinical and genetic data to find your precision-matched care options.

The security of your medical data is our top priority.

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Care timeline

Specimatch places the power of precision medicine in your hands. Securely view the most comprehensive version of your cancer care timeline from any device by storing your EHR (electronic health record) on Specimatch’s HIPAA-compliant cloud.

Know your options

Specimatch empowers you to take control of your cancer care. Stay informed of the latest treatments and clinical trials for your specific cancer, and easily share your precision-matched options with your doctor. You see exactly what your care team sees.

Works with your doctor

85% of U.S. patients have limited access to the latest in precision cancer care. Specimatch changes that by bringing global options to your local oncology practice. Specimatch works directly with your doctor to provide the best cancer care – where you live.


Precision treatments improve patient outcomes by 24%


Only 3% of cancer patients are placed on clinical trials


85% of patients have limited access to the latest in cancer care

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Specimatch enables community cancer programs to offer a more personalized approach to treatment. Most of what patients want, in my experience, is simply a chance to live.

Ken Dixon, M.D.

Founder of Specimatch

Cancer just met its match.

How Specimatch works…

Search for clinical trials and drugs

Stay informed with your care timeline

Securely manage your health record

Connect directly with your doctor

Why Specimatch matters…

The best opportunity for a cure starts by gathering as much data as possible about the patient’s cancer, then using a viable method to precision match these detailed health records across the wide-world of cancer treatment options. Specimatch enables patients and their doctors to intelligently share an expanded knowledgebase to better determine the right individual cancer care.

We believe patients have the right to own and use their cancer data for personal benefit. This evolves the nature of cancer care and research as treatments and trials become designed for individual patient needs.

ALL FOR ONE – the future of cancer care.

Who is Specimatch for?
Specimatch is for patients who want to take better control of their ongoing cancer care.
How does Specimatch work?
Specimatch is easy to setup. Simply enter the basic information about your cancer diagnosis, and the search results are instantaneous. Your precision-matched treatment options will be displayed in real-time each time you sign in, and a proactive monitoring report will be emailed to you on a monthly basis.

To continually improve your matched results, Specimatch makes it simple to add a variety of more detailed clinical and genomic health records to your proactive monitoring profile. The more you add, the more precise the treatment options.

Is a genetic test required?
Specimatch is designed to work at every stage of your cancer treatment. This means you don’t need a genetic test to start benefiting from Specimatch, and your treatment options will become more precise when you add one.

Updating your proactive monitoring profile monthly with the latest clinical and genetic information will continually improve your matched results.

Specimatch enables you to better manage your day-to-day cancer care and proactively searches for your latest treatment options.

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