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Specimatch – Your Personal Cancer Researcher

Specimatch proactively searches the world of cancer care for the latest breakthroughs – all priority matched to your most current genetic and clinical profile.



Specimatch was founded by Dr. Ken Dixon, a trusted surgical oncologist with over 35 years of experience saving lives. Certified by the American Board of Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Dixon graduated from Emory School of Medicine, held a fellowship in MD Anderson and is currently treating patients at his community cancer practice in Gainesville, Georgia.

As a surgical oncologist practicing on the front lines of community-based care, Dr. Dixon is all too familiar, frustrated and saddened by the difficulties patients and their care teams experience when trying to access clinical trials and precision treatments for their cancers. Dr. Dixon created Specimatch to solve this problem, which he has been dedicated to improving since 1981.

“Specimatch enables community cancer programs to offer a more personalized approach to treatment. Most of what patients want, in my experience, is simply a chance to live.

Ken Dixon, M.D. Founder of Specimatch



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